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GEMO® Hygienic Tubing& Fittings

GEMO® is P&E Flow technology's brand, only for sanitary applications

GEMO® stainless steel tubes and fittings define craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality control and great customer service. All products are manufactured according to ASME dimensions, DIN, ISO2037 standard and directly relate to customer needs. GEMO's reputation is built on standard, quality, and service.

GEMO® tubes and fittings are widely used in food processing, beer processing, dairy processing, beverage processing, Cosmetics processing, Pharmaceutical processing, water treatment, and many other industries.

The purpose of GEMO brand 
The GEMO brand's aims to produce goods with Excellent quality at the most affordable prices, as the basis for a series of services. Whether you are a dealer (distributor), end-user or machinery manufacturer, in order to facilitate and enhance our infallible service to you, we hope to earn your trust. You can always count on us. The P & E Flow technology' sales team is waiting for your call, we assure you first-class goods and services.

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