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Continual improvement

As a veteran in the pipe and pipe fittings manufacturer for 30 years, FUT & ABO have been involved in the production of sanitary stainless steel tubes, manufacturing sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings, but from the onset, our aim and target have been to improve upon our high quality production, enhance innovation and development of the road ahead in order to improve our products. Every product goes through P & E flow technology screening and only those with excellent quality make the GEMO brand.

Pursuit of standardization

After several improvements by P & E flow technology Company, GEMO range of products are in strict reference and adherence to the ASME, DIN and other standard defined products, so every detail in the pursuit of standardized definitions is incorporated in the manufacturing of each product.

Bar-coding and QC

GEMO product material traceability is more stringent, every GEMO product has a bar-code to facilitate customer¡¯s easy selection. P & E flow technology provides advanced technical support and quality management in order to ensure that GEMO range of products become and remain the strongest brand and the products of choice for the beer, beverage, food machinery OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and Piping and Installation Companies¡¡

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