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Pre-sales consulting service

By Telephone and Internet

You can log in to download product information, and according to the serial numbers of the products directly determine what to buy. This will help you to reduce purchasing or procurement costs, simplify project quote or order. You can contact P&E by Flow Technology through the following means:

Service phone number:+86-577-85826961

Free samples and catalogue delivery service

If you want to select products through the product catalog, or you would like to see our product samples, Please don't hesitate to contact us. We can even provide free products within a certain limit, along with a free Catalog Our company's information are also available for your own perusal. Please download the application form for a free sample.

Sample transportation options

Catalog and samples can be sent through the following ways (samples and catalogs are free but transportation is not free):

or Others

What category of customers do you belong to?

In order to further enhance effective communication and understanding, we would want to know whether you are a dealer, equipment installer, or the end-user customer and the kind of products you are interested in. For a year of continuous usage, we will provide you with appropriate services and inventory stocking. Needs survey (require questionnaire)

Local dealer service

You can even introduce us to your current local suppliers, so that through our cooperation with your local suppliers, you can enjoy a more local service to shorten the procurement time and cost reduction brought about by the multi-party and multi-system cooperation.

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